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  • Notepads - The Happiness Planner®

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** Please note that the front cover is designed to be un-attached to the body.


Our inspirational notepads are designed to be additional tools to help you stay organized and motivated to achieve your goals. 

  • Thick white paper (120 gram)
  • Peachy pink and navy blue color scheme
  • 50 sheets
  • A5 size


1. Get Fit & Healthy Notepad

 Our health plays a huge role in how we feel about ourselves and our bodies. Not only do we feel more confident when we feel fit and healthy, but we also have more energy, feel more productive, and feel happier. 

Our Get Fit & Healthy Notepad is designed to help you stay on track with healthy eating habits and your exercise routine. Whether you're trying to lose weight, change your eating habits, or maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can use our beautiful notepad to plan for the week ahead.


2. Change a Habit in 30 Days

 Breaking a habit is hard, but so is building a new habit. In fact, it is often said that it takes 30 days to create a new habit. Our Change a Habit Notepad is designed to help you track your progress. Whether you're trying to quit smoking, stop eating sugar, start an exercise routine, or integrate a new skill or quality, you can use our notepad to help you stay focused. By taking it one day at a time, you will be able to overcome the challenges that are a normal part of change.



3. My Goals

We all have goals we want to achieve in life, but sometimes we might get overwhelmed by the amount of things we'd like to achieve. By writing down each goal and breaking it into a list of manageable tasks, you will feel less overwhelmed and more able to focus. This allows you to effectively work through each task, one by one. 

Our My Goals Notepad is designed to help you define the tasks necessary to achieve each goal. By focusing on one thing at a time, you will feel that all of your goals are possible.


4. Notes about My Life

 Blank notepads for recording anything from ideas to notes.

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