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We have designed some printables for you to download and print at your own convenience. Each month we will also be releasing new printables based on the month's theme.

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1. #Kindness


We'd like to invite you to go on an Acts of Kindness Challenge with us. The acts of kindness can be big or small - from the little things we can do for the people we love and those we don't know - because being kind without expecting anything in return “makes us happy”. What makes us happy and the degree of how impactful an act of kindness is vary. For this reason, our printable is customizable.

  • Acts of Kindness = a kind act you could do for someone.
  • Happiness Score = how happy doing that act of kindness makes you feel.
  • Kindness Score = the impact the act of kindness makes in the life of the receiver.



2. #Confidence

We're not born confident. We're definitely not born confident in everything. Whatever we want to be confident in and feel confident doing, we need to practice and practice takes time. Most people give up before they even get through the first hurdle. But remember, whatever you want to be confident in, you have to build it. Rome wasn't built in one day and so won't your confidence. Use these printables below to set Confidence goals you'd like to overcome, achieve, and master. Whether it be public speaking, playing an instrument in front of a crowd, playing a sport masterfully, or traveling alone, you can do it!


If you want to be confident, you have to train your mind to have it. Whatever kind of confidence you’d like to build, commit to building it for the next 10, 20, and 30 days until it becomes a part of who you are. Work on one goal at a time. Focus is the key to achieving a goal.


We all know how hard it is sometimes to shut our own self-doubt and replace it with a positive, self-love thought. Whether we realize it or not, self-doubt affects us on a subconscious level and subconsciously affects how we do things in life. If we want to be a winner, we need to think like a winner. Whatever we want to achieve, we have to firstly train our mind to believe we can achieve it wholeheartedly. Our actions can go as far as our mind believes it can go. Use this exercise to re-direct your thoughts whenever self-doubt creeps up again. Remember, plant positive thoughts in your head. Once these thoughts go into your subconscious mind, they will help you create positive actions that yield positive results.


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