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  • Monthly Printables
  • Monthly Printables
  • Monthly Printables
  • Monthly Printables

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We have designed some printables for you to download and print at your own convenience. Please share it with family and friends to help us spread the love. :)

Each month we will also be releasing new printables based on the month's theme.

This month's theme is #kindness.

Studies show that kindness is one of the keys to happiness and is also the most important factor in a long-lasting marriage and friendship. When you think of someone being very kind, you might think of a very sweet lady with a heart of gold. But being kind does not need to be a thing that only certain people do. In fact, most of you might have shown some acts of kindness to the people you love without realizing it. However, you can also be kind to people you don’t know and that will still make you happy regardless. 

So here you go…

We'd like to invite you to go on an Acts of Kindness Challenge with us. The acts of kindness can be big or small - from the little things we can do for the people we love and those we don't know - because being kind without expecting anything in return “makes us happy”. What makes us happy and the degree of how impactful an act of kindness is vary. For this reason, our printable is customizable.

  • Acts of Kindness = a kind act you could do for someone.
  • Happiness Score = how happy doing that act of kindness makes you feel.
  • Kindness Score = the impact the act of kindness makes in the life of the receiver.


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