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Printables: #Change - The Happiness Planner®
Printables: #Change - The Happiness Planner®
Printables: #Change - The Happiness Planner®

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"Circle of Life" Printable

    Epiphanies only happen when you’re at rock bottom. It’s funny like that. Because critical change only happens when what you’ve been doing isn’t working anymore

    If you ask successful people about the pivotal moment in their lives that changed everything for them, it’s always when they hit rock bottom - usually inspired by personal struggles and pains.

    But epiphanies don’t just happen. You can’t force yourself to have an epiphany. It is called an epiphany because it is so unexpected and so life-changing. It changes almost your whole belief system. Once you experience that epiphany, you feel like a brand-new person.

    So, how can you connect the dots in life and create an upward change again?

    Let’s look at our life events in the past and notice patterns...

    Use our Circle of Life printable to help you spot changes and patterns.

    • What was happening when life was going up?
    • What was happening when life was going down?
    • What kind of change took place so that life took a turn to go up again? What were the changes that happened at those turning points?
    • What beliefs did you change?

    Prior to arriving to that change, you experienced an epiphany. What was the epiphany? How did you arrive to that? Who inspired or sparked that epiphany?


    "Changes & Trends" Printable

    Nothing is constant and certain. People don’t use the same things over and over - unless you keep innovating. Just look at your own behavior. Do you use the same brand(s) over and over? Do you do the same thing(s) over and over? Unless something becomes addictive, habitual, or a commodity product, it is unlikely to stick.

    The nature of constant change created an opportunity for you years ago - remember. ☝🏻People wouldn’t have given you, your products, or services a chance, if people aren’t constantly changing and switching things up. But now the same thing that gave you an opportunity is coming back to bite you. So how can you re-create the opportunity for yourself knowing that change always comes around every few years?

    Let’s list out all the changes that you’ve seen, are seeing, and foresee.

    • What do you think are the changes you need to implement?
    • Why is it scary? What do you need to take a leap of faith in?
    • Why do you need to do it?

    Remember, hitting a plateau is not the end of the world. But refusing to change will keep you there.

    Printables: #Change - The Happiness Planner®
    Printables: #Change - The Happiness Planner®
    Printables: #Change - The Happiness Planner®

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