Workshop: Soul Care Sunday

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We're back with your favorite transformational coach and mentor whose Podcast we sponsor, Amy Rushworth. 

This is a Q & A session. You're free to ask Amy anything. The format is free-flowing. If it's popular, we will run this every week. 

When is this on?

  • Sunday 19th April - 9am PST | 12pm EST | 5pm UK

Who is Amy Rushworth?

Amy Rushworth is formally certified as a Transformational Life Coach (ANIMAS TLC), Integrative Holistic Health Coach (IIN HTCP) and a VITA Sex, Love & Relationships Coach in training. Informally, she is a psychic intuitive lightworker, facilitator, confidence and highly experienced practitioner in metaphysical energy work, meditation, breathwork, emotional healing, and a spiritual mentor. she continues to train and study and she always will — she believes this work is a lifelong commitment.

Her most extensive training is from her life experiences. Getting to the other side of a complete mental breakdown, childhood trauma, career confusion, and failure, debt, a body image disorder, family break-downs, relationship issues, breakups and health challenges have taught me life lessons that she is inspired to teach you. She believes we are all our own best inner counselor and coach, but sometimes we simply need support from someone else to help get us started.

Amy's mission:

Through deep holistic healing, ‘shadow’ work and intimate mentorship, Amy guides women all over the world to get out of victimhood and fear, so they can fully reclaim abundance, pleasure, purpose and self-confidence - at the levels of mind, body and spirit. She loves combining intuition, energy, psychology, science and spiritual modalities to uncover the deep, hidden roots of the inner critic and disown the scarcity circuits in your subconscious mind.

She is not here to superficially treat the symptoms or facilitate quick fixes. She is devoted to helping you integrate all parts of your sensual, physical, financial, shadow and soulful self so you can remember your intrinsic wholeness and really love every part of who you are. As a woman who lives, breathes, embodies and teaches the art of feminine empowerment it is Amy's honor to help you confidently create your own path. When you stop settling for less and embrace the alchemy, you’ll become a magnetic match for a life full of meaning, love, inspiration, and prosperity. 

More info about Amy:

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