3 Heartfelt Lessons Life Has Taught Me

Written By Mo Seetubtim - August 25 2019


Comfort Botha
September 04 2019

Love this post. Speaks to my solitude and transitions in life that cannot be controlled due to timing and outgrowing people. Well written.

July 24 2019

I have been immeasurably blessed, rejuvenated, focused, challenged, encouraged spiritually intellectually, and physically by your post of Well Being. And it began two years ago with your HuffPost article, “key secret to attracting what you want in your life.” My life and mindset have continue to evolve through principle of the Law of Attraction.
May the God of your universe continue to anoint you, grant favor and prosperity, to you and your family. As your spiritual brother ( from another mother !) and unconditional lover of Well Being. Post On, My Sister
Namaste !

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