Printables: 2022 Goals

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Printables: 2022 Goals
Printables: 2022 Goals
Hope January has been a pleasant month for you. These past few years haven’t been easy. There are two things we’d like to remind you:

1) This too shall pass.
2) You can’t feel two emotions at once. 

What goes up must come down and what’s down will go up. It’s part of life. So you just have to keep going, taking it one day at a time. We’ve been through this before and we all got through it. 

Some days might feel heavier than others. It’s okay to feel sad and down sometimes. But don’t dwell there for so long that it becomes too hard to get out. You can’t feel two emotions at once. You can’t be mad and be happy. You can’t be depressed and be motivated. So try to do whatever you can to feel better. Take notes of the activities and hobbies that have the power to lift your mood up - whether that be exercising, playing music, cooking, reading, gardening, or painting - and schedule them into your daily life. Make them parts of your daily routines. Whenever you feel down, go back to them and do them often. When you get into the habit of doing this, you learn to regulate your emotions. You learn to take charge of your happiness. You learn to master your energy. And that, in itself, is very powerful. 

Some days, you may feel depleted. Remind yourself that if you can shift your thoughts and focus (especially focus on those negative thoughts) then your feelings will change and your energy will shift. Oftentimes, when we feel down, it’s because we feel stuck. Nothing excites us. Everything seems a little disappointing. To get yourself out of this rut, you need to remind yourself that you can set new goals. And even if the new goals don’t work out, they can get you more excited about life even just for a day, weeks, and months. The key is to keep going and keep setting goals because goals give us hope. Goals restore faith. Goals give us a purpose to wake up and feel excited every day.

After all, what else can shift our energy from feeling depleted to excited than setting new goals? Are you ready to set some new goals for 2022? 

We’d like to break goals into two types:

1) Bigger goals: which we’d like to call “Things I’d like to manifest”.
These are more vague. You’re not sure how you’re going to achieve them yet, but you’d like to attract them into your life. You want the universe to conspire. You want the opportunities to be presented to you someway somehow. 

2) Smaller goals: which are more concrete, actionable goals that can be achieved through consistent actions.
These goals can be achieved by you alone. Although they do require a lot of determination, hard work, and willpower. They cannot be achieved overnight. They have to be done in accumulation. Success is achieved over time.

For the bigger goals, don’t worry too much about them or how to make them happen. What you need to do is: you need to believe that they can happen and they will. This is important. Because if you don’t, then you will subconsciously dismiss the opportunities even if they were to be presented to you; you will subconsciously self-sabotage them. So you have to truly and deeply believe that they can happen to you and they will.

By bringing your deepest desires and wishes out from the subconscious to the conscious, you will subconsciously look for them and work towards them. Write down what you’d like to manifest in 2022 and leave that piece of paper somewhere where you see often like in your bedroom or by your work desk. Treat them as if you’re whispering the Universe, asking them to help make your wishes come true. 

For the smaller goals, we’d like you to think about the little things you have to do daily or weekly in order to achieve them. Sometimes our goals may seem too difficult and far-fetched, but if we break them down into smaller goals which we can achieve every day, those goals don’t seem too big after all. 

What goals would you like to achieve this year? And what commitments are you willing to make? What do you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly in order to build up the skills and achieve the goals in one year’s time?

Make sure you schedule these commitments into your Happiness Planner so that you do do them and be reminded of them!

Printables: 2022 Goals
Printables: 2022 Goals

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