Printables: #EmotionalIntelligence

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Printables: #EmotionalIntelligence - The Happiness Planner®
Printables: #EmotionalIntelligence - The Happiness Planner®

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"What A Pain I Can Be" Printable

Being self-aware is important. Besides being aware of our personality traits, strengths & weaknesses, and core values, in order for us to foster better relationships with others, it is important to understand that we are sometimes difficult to deal with and how.

No one is perfect. We are all flawed in some way. No one is happy and cheerful all the time. There are times when we're not our best selves and not in our best mood and behavior. We may be cranky and moody. We may respond to certain things in a certain way.

  • By becoming aware of what a pain we can be, we can learn to communicate better and manage our emotions & behaviors better.
  • By communicating this with our partner and people close to us, we can foster better understanding and acceptance, and build better relationships.

It is often the negative emotions, which usually arise during stressful times, and how we manage & respond to them that make or break relationships.

Therefore, these things should be openly discussed.

Use these printables to help bring more awareness to yourself and others.


Printables: #EmotionalIntelligence - The Happiness Planner®
Printables: #EmotionalIntelligence - The Happiness Planner®

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