7 Things That Will Likely Happen When You Take a Leap of Faith In Yourself

Written By Mo Seetubtim - March 09 2018


Alice Delvalle
July 28 2022

I took my leap of faith back 11 years ago when after going through a nasty divorce after being married for 11 years & 2 subsequent disappointing relationships I had just decided I would try to be happy & resolved myself of being single the rest of my life! Well literally 4 months later while deciding to pick up a hobby learning to play guitar, I went on Ibanez guitar page & ppl were blogging about different guitars/ music I met a person who lived in Rome & also played guitar! We started writing & ended up finding we shared so much in common so we decided to meet in person to celebrate my birthday in Rome! Little did I know that our friendship would blossom into a Romance and 10 years of long distance relationship!! We made it through separation of the Pandemic & were finally married last November 2021!! Don’t let uncertainty &;fear hold you back! If your intuition feels good GO FOR IT!:My life has changed forever in a very positive way!

January 09 2022

So empowering and inspiring !

December 27 2021

I really love and appreciate this article. It really confirmed and explained exactly what I have done in my life. My unborn son was my driving force and he is a year and a half now. I have so much happiness in my life and thank God every day for taking a leap of faith and moving from Cali to Washington. Thank you Jesus

November 03 2021

I’m 20 years old and My leap of faith is still in progress but after this it just got more exiting and I just can’t wait to see were I land.

Ruby Taylor
June 13 2021

l love this. l agree. there is nothing like taking a leap of crazy faith in life.

May 13 2021

I took a huge leap of faith in myself in mid-November 2020; within two months, I sold my house that I had for 31 years, and moved from Sacramento to Berkeley… just my 3 year old pup and myself. My house was in a lovely and well sought out neighborhood. My 4 boys have wonderful memories, in fact, one of my sons and daughter-in-law purchased it.

The decision was not an easy one. For the past several months to close to two years, my sons understood and agreed, the house required a lot of work, most of my jobs were in the bay area and the commute was wickedly long; I felt overwhelmed at times. I decided not to share my plans to move with anyone but my family, best friend and my neighbor next door. I didn’t feel the need to discuss my plans with anyone else.

So… I sold my house, my family helped sell, give away and load my furniture in moving vans. Off to Berkeley my pup and I go. I had about 4 melt downs… so much work, so much work…and was I doing the right thing.

Shortly after my move, I began to feel whole, strong and happy. I am content. The stress caused by commuting was gone. Pressure to maintain my house disappeared. I had more free time for myself, family and friends than ever before. This was the best decision I made in a very long time. I feel whole. I feel strong. I am content. There is much joy in my heart and it shows on my face, my eyes and voice. My sons are not worried anymore. They know I am content. All is good!

December 21 2020

Life is good. Thank you God for another day . My dog is better too thank you for fixing his leg. Have a good day every body. We are starting to feel again and the .a.m. smells fresh. Thank you

December 21 2020

Thanks.is bout time I looked up the definition of leap of faith. Brought much needed clarity. Well I did it a long time ago and I’m drowning I’m gonna use my last breath to…

Norma Robertson
October 28 2020

I have been wanting to see a Cuban man that’s so nice and fun. I have decided put all my worries behind and date someone out of my kind. I’m a white American and he is white Cuban. Something in the past I would never have thought about doing. I’m 59 years old and my kids are in their 30’s and momma decided to live for herself for a change. “Throw caution in the wind” and see where it takes me.

October 28 2020

but is it the same way when we are talking of love issues?

February 18 2020

Omg! Thank you so much for this! I have been dreaming of quitting my dead end job, traveling for a while, & then start my own freelance content writing practice for so many years now.
I have finally put in my notice & booked the tickets for my trips.
Now I’m feeling both exhilarated & nervous lol.

Susan Pimentel
February 17 2020

That’s what dreaming is all about. Watch the movie…esp. Inception… It’s all true…learning to dream and control over your dreams, you are the designer…you hold the key…your mind, memories, dreams…faith…the ability to see the humor in this game we play, called life…think about all the things people have told you, things you are attached to, attracted to. People ,places, things they all play a part in life, but life is like a puzzle…you have to hold the key to life, the ability to see,hear,talk,listen,communicate…don’t take things literally, that’s the humor of life…nothing is as it seems. It’s ok not to be ok. I could go on and on with examples, but the messages and messengers are there. Everything we need we have been provided in abundance, it’s a matter of knowledge of what to do with it all. Creativity and the arts are there. Movies , true to life…music, listen it’s there, books,pictures,paintings,schools, churches. We need to tear down the walls in life, literally and physically, mentally. Until then mankind will always be at war. We fight against everything. It’s in our minds, it’s out there to understand via many avenues. If you get derailed off the tracks, it’s ok. Give a little roar, use your voice, speak up and out. For those willing to listen and the response is amazing. Just wait and see. Close your eyes, breathe, relax, learn to dream.remembering, everything in moderation. Too much of any one thing is not good. Learn to analyze and think for yourself. Don’t allow others to think or put thoughts into your own mind. That’s how the seeds get planted, they growin our minds and show up in our dreams. Its reflecting who we are as a person. Remember to plan carefully, look for the loopholes, watch out for the repeating stairs, pay attention, trust, it’s a lot to think about. Just don’t allow it to get out of control, that’s why people can go crazy, they lost control, it’s an appearance, but you can regain control. Once you can understand that concept, your success is unlimited. You can be in paradise, the riches of life, but you have to react. Keep that light on, learn when and how to dim it. Before it goes out. It’s hard to start over, once the fire, light goes out. It becomes cold and dark. If you hit rock bottom, get up and start over leaving off from where you last were. It might’ve seemed like a mistake but since there’s always 2sides to a coin, and the grass is always greener on the other side….we’ve all be given the messages. Stop and pay attention. 10 secc. It’s a start. Those are examples. It’s how we move on. It’s not about where we are going, it’s how you get there that matters. The rest is up to you, that’s why they say, it’s your decision to choose. It’s those choices, listen to your gut, open your eyes, that’s why we all have senses. Learn to use them to the best of your ability. No pain, no gain. Ha ha , live, love, laugh, move on. Evolution is the revolution that will take you forward to infinity and beyond. It’s that easy, karma, ying/yang. Rainbows and unicorns do exist. They’re there for a reason. We are all the same and yet different in our own way. Be not afraid, come follow me. The lights are on for you to find your way back home. It’s not the aliens and zombies to be afraid of, we can be free when we accept that we are all different and the same, don’t be afraid to stand up and out, that’s what makes us unique. Find the help you need to move forward. Time is ticking away, so slow and yet so fast. Make the time to Take the time. Have fun while it lasts, just don’t get stuck in limbo.

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