7 Things That Will Likely Happen When You Take a Leap of Faith In Yourself

Written By Mo Seetubtim - March 09 2018


March 11 2019

I’m taking a leap of faith to switch careers and I’m sorry but this article is SO much rose colored glasses – do people really want to hear, “It is all going to totally work out and you won’t be afraid and everything will be wonderful!”
What if you ARE afraid? What if it takes a LOT of time, self-reflection, meditation, questions, tweaking, and unending support and maybe things turn out good but different? This article does nothing to help those scenarios. Yeesh. But I’m guessing ppl come to the site for cheerleading and you give them that, so shrug that works for them. I happened upon this article so I wasn’t filtered out beforehand. I hope this helps ppl, unfortunately for me it comes off like the dad in Little Miss Sunshine. :/

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