7 Things That Will Likely Happen When You Take a Leap of Faith In Yourself

Written By Mo Seetubtim - March 09 2018


October 12 2019

No you did NOT quote Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally!”

Acceptance is the key to be. To be truly free.

“Will you do the same for me?”

Thank you for this lovely article! It really helped. I appreciated your follow up article regarding the comment above as well. The two parts tell a complete story.

Mo Seetubtim
October 05 2019

Hi Rin, thanks for the comment. It did take me A LOT of time, self-reflection, meditation, and questioning like you said. Thanks for the suggestion. I will write further articles to expand on this. :)

Melissa Marie Fisher
July 16 2019

I decided to take a leap of faith about three months ago and I will say that it has been the hardest decisionthat I’ve ever had to do I have been tested and put in so many different situations that made me think why don’t you just go back to your old job or go get a part-time job but in the end my heart kept telling me no don’t do that keep moving forward. I became so bored with the life that I was living and I felt like there was more to life then just going in circles all the time my heart told me it was time for a change there are times when I think I made a bad decision but I realize that I can’t go backwards I have to continue on his journey and move forward. For those of you who are trying to take a leap of faith or thinking of taking a leap of faith it is not all glamorous in the beginning I can tell you that you will have to have strength and you will definitely have to have faith and believe that everything is going to be okay in the end you can’t give up you got to keep moving forward you can’t go backwards. You definitely we’ll have to get used to being uncomfortable because it’s very uncomfortable when you take a leap of faith the not knowing will make you feel very uncomfortable and make you feel fear but you have to trust your heart and that the decision that you’re making is right at no matter what it cost.

March 11 2019

I’m taking a leap of faith to switch careers and I’m sorry but this article is SO much rose colored glasses – do people really want to hear, “It is all going to totally work out and you won’t be afraid and everything will be wonderful!”
What if you ARE afraid? What if it takes a LOT of time, self-reflection, meditation, questions, tweaking, and unending support and maybe things turn out good but different? This article does nothing to help those scenarios. Yeesh. But I’m guessing ppl come to the site for cheerleading and you give them that, so shrug that works for them. I happened upon this article so I wasn’t filtered out beforehand. I hope this helps ppl, unfortunately for me it comes off like the dad in Little Miss Sunshine. :/

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