Printables: #Anxiety/Worry

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Printables: #Anxiety/Worry - The Happiness Planner®
Printables: #Anxiety/Worry - The Happiness Planner®
Printables: #Anxiety/Worry - The Happiness Planner®

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"Wipe Away My Worries" Printable

We all have worries. Sometimes we let worries consume us as we spend days and nights thinking about the same thing over and over. When we are able to talk through our worries - whether it's with a friend or a therapist - we can reduce the amount of anxiety we feel. But it's only when we can get to the root of our issues, we can then truly eliminate the repetitive thought pattern.

It is much easier said than done. And it is also easier to tell others not to worry than it is to tell ourselves. So we have designed this printable to be your friend who helps you talk through your worries, anxiety, and thoughts so that you can get to the root of it and eventually eliminate the destructive thought pattern. 


"Not To-Do List" Printable

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed with things we have on our plates. But if we break what we feel like we need to do down into categories, we can often see that we don't need to get everything done and some of the things that we are worried about are not even ours to be worried about.

Use this printable to help you declutter your mind, re-prioritize your focus, and re-shift your energy. Remember, if something that drains doesn't absolutely need to be done, then just leave it!

We hope you find these printables helpful & useful, and that they help you feel less overwhelmed and feel more at ease. 


"30 Days of Worry" Printable

Worrying can become a habit. When we do something repeatedly, we create a pattern that can be extremely hard to break. It's important to be mindful of this so that we don’t allow our negative actions - in this case, negative thoughts or worrying - to become a pattern.

Use this monthly worksheet to keep track of your worries.

Each day that you worry about something, write it down. Each day that you don’t worry, skip it and leave it blank.

You can make a copy of this worksheet to keep track of your thought patterns throughout the year.


Printables: #Anxiety/Worry - The Happiness Planner®
Printables: #Anxiety/Worry - The Happiness Planner®
Printables: #Anxiety/Worry - The Happiness Planner®

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