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Printables: #Belief
Printables: #Belief

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With so much uncertainty that comes with change, today I want to talk about hope and how important it is to have hope. But more importantly, how our hope won’t likely become a reality unless we believe that our hope will come true.

But with so much fear and insecurity, how can we convince ourselves that we are worthy of receiving what we desire? How can we make ourselves believe that what we want can happen and it will happen? Because everything, everything that happens to us is simply a reflection of our beliefs. If we don’t believe we deserve something, subconsciously we:

  • Won’t work hard enough to obtain what we desire.
  • Lower our expectations and start looking for things that fulfill just those.
  • Accept things that meet our lowered standards.
  • Reject the thing we want when it’s offered to us because we think it won’t last and we will end up getting hurt or disappointed later on anyway.

And then when things don’t go as we had hoped, we feel convinced: “I was right. So why get my hopes up?” When in fact, it’s our own actions and perceptions done on a subconscious level that create the results that aren’t satisfactory.

Your disbelief that your hope can come true affects everything you see. They’re like sunglasses. When you wear them, every sight you turn looks darker. 

Your hope will never manifest until you turn your hope into belief. But it is hard to believe when you’re clouded by your insecurities.

Here are some exercises that I would like you to do. These exercises will help you understand the power of turning hope into belief.

What small hopes do you have?

Write down I hope sentences. Think about something that you can achieve on your own and see results pretty quickly.

For example,

  • I hope to be stronger.
  • I hope to lose 2 kg.
  • I hope to do public speaking.

Now, these are the little things that you can shift from hope to belief.

Reframe how you see this. Change the words “I hope” to “I believe”:

  • I believe I can be stronger.
  • I believe I can lose 2 kg.
  • I believe I can do public speaking.

See? How does simply changing the word from “hope” to “believe” make you feel?

Hope contains doubts. Hope contains doubts. It is not enough to hope; you MUST believe.

By replacing “hope” with “believe”, you’re removing doubts from your mind.

Now, what bigger things do you hope for?

For example,

  • I hope to meet the love of my life, get married, and start a family.
  • I hope to be financially secure.
  • I hope to own a home in two years’ time.
  • I hope to start my own business.
  • I hope I win the competition.

Now, turn your “hopes” into “beliefs” and add determination by using “I am going to”.

  • I am going to meet the love of my life, get married, and start a family.
  • I am going to be financially secure.
  • I am going to own a home in two years’ time.
  • I am going to start my own business.
  • I am going to win the competition.

How do these sound?

Words hold power.

Words influence our thoughts and our emotions.

By using powerful words with determination, you are shifting your energy and vibration to a higher level.

Now, what do you "believe" you will get and attract into your life next year? 

Write them down on a piece of paper using “I am going to" sentences and put it somewhere that you will see every day e.g. next to your work desk or makeup desk, bathroom door, on the fridge.

Look at this piece of paper and visualize yourself having those things. Feel it. Live it in your imagination and fantasy. Talk to yourself if you must. Do this until your beliefs go into your subconscious mind that you start to subconsciously work towards him. 

Because this is how it works.

Things don't fall into place when we try so hard to "control".

Things fall into place when we believe - deep right in our subconscious mind.

Please download these printables for the exercises.

Printables: #Belief
Printables: #Belief

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