Printables: #Goals II

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Printables: #Goals II
Printables: #Goals II
Printables: #Goals II
Printables: #Goals II
Printables: #Goals II

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To Achieve Your Goals, You Must ... 

1. Understand Your Why

Every time you feel like giving up, giving in, or walking away from this, just pick up this piece of paper or your Happiness Planner and remind yourself of your Why's. 

Put it on your bedroom or bathroom's wall if you must. 


2. Understand Your Roadblocks

Understanding your roadblocks is the key to overcoming them. Think about past experiences and how you failed to achieve your goals. What are the roadblocks? How can you overcome them? By identifying these possible obstacles, you're preparing yourself to deal with them when they arise.  

3. Set Smaller, Achievable Goals

You know the big goals that you ultimately want to achieve. It might seem scary and daunting to think about them. You might not feel like you'll ever achieve them because they seem impossible. The key here is to focus on setting and achieving smaller goals.

Losing 10 kg or saving $10,000 might seem too hard to achieve. Narrow down your vision to what you can do every day for the next 3-5 days instead.

  • What is your goal for the next 5 days?
  • What do you need to do daily in order to achieve the above goals?
  • What are the possible obstacles that may arise to prevent or distract you from achieving your daily goals?
  • How would you deal with these obstacles?
  • Focus on completing your To-Dos every day for the next 5 days. 

4. Affirm Yourself of The New Life 

We all know the negative consequences of our actions. But as easy as it sounds, it's never easy to implement because we usually succumb to our desires the moment they arise. So how can we psyche ourselves to focus on the negatives of our habit? So much so that it forces us to change? 

If we can do something repeatedly enough and think about something repeatedly, we can trick our mind to become obsessed with it. Once our thoughts are consumed by the thought of something, it becomes easier to take actions that create real change.

It's a little bit of a self-hypnosis technique, except there is no trance music. What I want you to experiment with this week is to start every morning thinking about the negative consequences of the habit you want to change and ending every night thinking about how amazing life would be if you could successfully change your habit.

It is repetitive. But the key to making any change is through repetition. However, when the habit is very sticky, something you've been doing for several years, it's hard to even take a new action even for just 3-4 times. So since it's hard to change our behaviors, we will start with changing our thoughts. We will start by creating new beliefs. 

We create new beliefs by thinking about the same thoughts over and over that they eventually go into our subconscious mind. When they're embedded deep in our subconscious mind, that's when our thoughts start driving our behaviors more effortlessly. 

Printables: #Goals II
Printables: #Goals II
Printables: #Goals II
Printables: #Goals II
Printables: #Goals II

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