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Are you tired? Me too.
Sometimes I just want to give up.
Then I have to remind myself how many obstacles I’ve pushed myself through
and all that I have now is a result of not giving up. 

Everything is such a freaking process.
Growth is a process.
Success is a process.
True love is a goddamn long process.

What isn’t a process? Settling.

Your best self doesn’t want you to give up on it.
Your healing doesn’t want you to give up on it.
Your soul doesn’t want you to give up on it.
Your passions & dreams don’t want you to give up on them.
Your true love doesn’t want you to give up on him/her.

All that is worthwhile takes time.
That’s why it’s worthwhile.
That’s why it’s rare. 
Because while 99.99% of people give up, you choose to keep going.

You have to be mindful of when your mind plays tricks on you because of your fear of rejection.
It makes you think that you don’t want that thing anymore and give up. When in fact, it’s your mind trying to protect itself from potentially getting rejected. 

Getting rejected is actually you rejecting yourself.

If you can spot this and refrain from “sabotaging the process”,
then you can almost win anything in life. Because winning in life is simply that
- stopping yourself from sabotaging success, growth, a relationship.

Because if you don’t self-sabotage, you can pretty much be guaranteed to get to the end.

Now, write down a list of accomplishments that happened because you did not give up on them, adding the date when it was just a dream and the date it became a reality:

Damn, some of these took 10-20 years, didn’t they?

Every time you feel like giving up, remind yourself that you have experienced this feeling of wanting to give up so many times in this life before.

Yet, you are still here. Do not give up.

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